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Summer skiing seems almost paradoxical, but it is surely a beautiful experience to go skiing feeling free as a bird at a height of more than 3000 metres.

In Europe there are different glaciers with different types of slopes. When talking about summer skiing we often think of skiing on a glacier and of ski-runs taking place on ice. This is certainly not correct. These mountains that are often higher than 3500 metres are covered by a thick layer of ice, on which the snow falling during the year settles.

Of course there are considerable differences compared to skiing in winter, such as the height. In fact, in summer people generally ski from 2600 to over 3600 metres. As a consequence this height influences our organism, which means that we get tired faster. The same applies for the first days of our stay, although we ski less hours than in winter.

The quality of the snow can be very different, too. This means that the snow can be harder in the early morning and softer around noon. With a bit of luck, however, it is possible to ski on powder snow just like in the best winter conditions.

In summer you generally ski from 8.30 to 13.30, because some summer stations lie at a height of over 3000 metres. The quality of the snow would therefore be really bad during the afternoon hours. Summer skiing gets even better when you confide in a ski school! This is another cornerstone of summer skiing. Skiing in summer means skiing with an instructor, a snow expert par excellence who can guarantee the learning of the latest skiing techniques and is at the same time perfectly adept in the environment of the mountains.

You might wonder immediately: can’t I ski on my own? Of course you can! But those who choose this kind of holiday are usually also the biggest fans of winter sports. The slopes where you can ski in summer, however, are slightly inferior to the huge winter stations.

Why ski in summer then?

Our answer comes without any hesitations: in summer we can learn how to ski because of the snow! As mentioned previously, the quality of the snow can change every day, or even every hour, and these changes lead to technical variations for the skier. Another important reason are our skiing instructors, the federal trainers and national instructors that collaborate with us, who are all well-informed about the latest techniques and methods of teaching as well as highly motivated and fond of their profession.

These factors are the right answer!


SKI TRAINING ITALIA : offers training programs on the four disciplines, destined for the Fis and Children categories - 1/2.


The activity will be carried out in Hintertux from May to November, with internships of four to six days, for the slalom indoor stages are offered at the SnowWordl Landgraaf ski dome.


For more information and details on the site consult the appropriate pages, also through official social facebook @ skitrainingitalia, istagramm / skitrainingitalia, #skitrainingitalia.


SKI TRAINING ITALIA  It proposes for the winter season 2018-2019 training Session, These are free workouts aimed at athletes of the Fis and Children categories according to the preparation of competitions of national and international level.

The activities will take place at the Ski Stadium Aloch  Monday to Friday with hours 8.30 - 12.00 am -  13.30 - 16.00 pm


 Period: 1 December 2018 15 April 2019





SKI TRAINING ITALIA, offers teams in training a complete collaboration related to the services of booking hotel organization, booking of training slope, rent of slalom poles transfert from the main airports and assistance in general. INFO.SKITRAINING@GMAIL.COM