Modern skiing presents objective and subjective difficulties of various levels. This gives rise to the need to create and build a highly professional team, consisting of the valuable national and international athletes. The team will be a rubber of national Coaches with proven experience of specialist trainers in alpine skiing and of specialists in sports nutrition. The Team also collaborates with the Center for Sport Psychology in Turin as well as functional assessment centres Mapei. But the news that we have proposed is the long preparation, or a preparation aimed at Aspiring category-young, with the objective of maximum development of technique and especially the ambition to enter the national team.

The project is supported by the technical logistics organization of the Ski Training Italy ASD an organization with over twenty years experience, employing a staff of technicians at the forefront, whose Alpine Ski coaches, physical trainers (Laing in exercise science), osteopaths, medical doctors who specialize in sports medicine, sports psychologists.
All this will have an important role, because every athlete who belongs to the project, will be free to remain affiliated to their club or ski club.

Who we work for?  1995-1996-1997 years athletes-1998-1999-2000 belonging to sport clubs
involved in high-level competitions Fis, with a normal physical condition and a strong habit of constant workloads, but mostly athletes with a motivational level very high, combined with a spirit of adaptation.


What Program? The program we are proposing is a macrocycle annual duration, divided into mesocicli lasting monthly or bi-monthly. Beginning in May of each year, the first part of the program is dedicated to athletic training and assessment that will take place at the center of the Mapei Sport.

Athletic Trainer will have an individualized program for each candidate based on the results obtained in tests and the characteristics of the athlete.
In June continues training and start skiing on the glacier.
In July the ski training sessions are intensified, until you get to the most important workout of the season, block or stop in South America, which will be a period of at least 30/40 days. During this period you will be training on skis that participating in international competitions.

After returning from South America will again be carried out functional tests at the Mapei; the continuation of the summer program will be mainly ski technician, reminiscent of biweekly athletic.
From September to November there will be approximately 30 training days in Glacier, alternating sessions of athletic training.
By the end of November, the assumption is that the beginning of the season, which will last until April 15, allegedly. We will participate only to races fis NJR, FIS-RACE, NCJ, NC, FIS CIT, SAC in Italy and abroad, in accordance with the quota of participation.
Within this program you will have consultations with a psychologist, a nutritionist and a physical trainer, osteopath who will follow in direct collaboration anyway.

Every athlete will have goals to achieve, which are calibrated in relation to their level; everything will be monitored during the season.

Will checks the status of each athlete's workout with the most modern equipment.


Where? The task now has logistic base in Valle di Fassa Aloch Ski Stadium for the winter, the summer and autumn European glaciers conditions occur, Hintertux (AUT), Les deux Alpes (FRA), Zermatt (SUI). South America Argentina and Chile, we chose the Ushuaia (ARG), Chapelco (ARG), Bariloche (ARG), El Colorado, Valle Nevado (CHI), (who). The conditions offered are always of a very high standard, perfect for our needs.

How to join the Fis Junior Team? First you need to be within the parameters of participation. For any aspiring athlete team will take a placement test, whether on skis (stage of training in which we will evaluate the candidate all round view, both at atletico (test of various ratings) than on the psychological (questionnaire prepared by the psychologist consultant).



SKI TRAINING ITALIA : offers training programs on the four disciplines, destined for the Fis and Children categories - 1/2.


The activity will be carried out in Hintertux from May to November, with internships of four to six days, for the slalom indoor stages are offered at the SnowWordl Landgraaf ski dome.


For more information and details on the site consult the appropriate pages, also through official social facebook @ skitrainingitalia, istagramm / skitrainingitalia, #skitrainingitalia.


SKI TRAINING ITALIA  It proposes for the winter season 2018-2019 training Session, These are free workouts aimed at athletes of the Fis and Children categories according to the preparation of competitions of national and international level.

The activities will take place at the Ski Stadium Aloch  Monday to Friday with hours 8.30 - 12.00 am -  13.30 - 16.00 pm


 Period: 1 December 2018 15 April 2019





SKI TRAINING ITALIA, offers teams in training a complete collaboration related to the services of booking hotel organization, booking of training slope, rent of slalom poles transfert from the main airports and assistance in general. INFO.SKITRAINING@GMAIL.COM